Critical Mass Feminized Autoflower 10 seeds #DSB10023
Stoned buzz
Average Height plant
40 - 60 cm
1.31 - 1.97 foot
7 - 8 weeks
Female - Feminized
T.H.C Level:
18 - 20 %
Average Yield m2:
400 - 500 grams/m2
0.88 - 1.10 lb/m2
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Critical Mass Autoflower

An autoflowering strain that gives a big harvest super fast.

For those who want big and fast Dutchseedsbank Seeds has the solution: a super fast autoflowering plant with a large harvest: the Critical Mass Automatic.

Created by Dutchseedsbank in Spain, from the crossing of the Critical Mass with automatic polling, it has a yield that is welcome in a time where everyone has to be mindful of costs vs benefit.

The Critical Mass Autoflower grows fast and will surprise you. A powerful plant and already a favorite with the experienced growers.

GROWING The critical mass is a good yielder with solid/dense buds important is the first weeks the plants get enough sunlight the growing size is depending on the time they get sunlight in the first 3 weeks. Some growers do the first weeks onder a indoor light and then put them outsite. They start flowering after 3/4 weeks from the moment you germinate the seeds.
HARVAST If 70% of the white hairs of the plant are turned into lightbrown it is time to harvast the plants. Keep in mind that you check the last weeks for mold if you grow outdoor! If you get mold harvast the whole plant and dry it a quick as you can keep the humidity low 25%
This strain is a good tasting bud it's the marlboro of smokes every one likes the taste. It's stoned and give a body stoned. The perfect weed to smoke when you playing games our in a social meeting.

• Very solid buds
• Easy to grow
• Commercial strain yield and risin and good taste
• Fast flowing time
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