XL Bud autoflower feminized 5 seeds #DSB05029
Average Height plant
100 - 150 cm
3.28 - 4.92 foot
Average Yield m2:
200 - 250 grams/m2
0.44 - 0.55 lb/m2
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• Automatic flowering after 5 weeks
• Tall plant 3.5 foot/100cm
• perfect for guerrilla farming
• Nice yielder
• much grown in the east

Detailed Product Description

A new autoflower strain that becomes bigger then the normal autoflower 1,20/1,50 meter high! Starts automatically with  flowering after 5 weeks after seeding no matter how much sunlight.  Ready good for bigger outdoor harvest projects.We like to say plant your whole garden with this one ;) and smoke whole winter.
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