Super Cheese Autoflower 5 seeds #DSB05027
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The Cheese comes from England. It comes from the Skunk family. In its origin, more than 20 years ago, members of the Exodus group worked out a plant that was standing out from the rest. This plant was especially fragrant and produced characteristic buds. In a short time it turned into one of the most famous and demanded varieties of marijuana in the United Kingdom. When it came to Spain and Europe, it was welcomed with opened arms. It is probably one of the best existing marihuanas.

GROWING Cheese is characterized by its intense smell and flavor. The smell is powerful, pungent and everlasting, both in its growing and during smoking. This is a plant of easy crop and good productions, as it comes directly from Skunk varieties.

EFFECT For its autoflowering version we have put all our attention on its aroma and flavor. It has been cultivated by very much fondness in order to obtain the aroma and the flavor of its original version no autoflowering.

The cons of this variety is a production a bit lower than the new autoflowering ones introduced this year by dutchseedsbank . For the opposite, we have focused on obtaining the same aroma and flavor than the one of the original Cheese in the autoflowering one; "the flavor and the peculiar aroma of the Cheese in the autoflowering one".

The new autoflowering varieties allow to develop cultures in record times, from its germination until the harvest they need approximately 65 days.