Nevilles Haze Feminized 5 seeds #DSB05011
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Neville's Haze, a tribute to the father of all modern seed companies, Neville Schoenmakers, is as pure a Haze as you can get. This hybrid has Afghani #1, Original Haze and Northern Lights heritage. The original Haze has exotic genes with Thai, South Indian, Mexican and Colombian (Highland) Sativa heritage.

GROWING Neville's Haze has that typical Sativa structure; stretched plant with wide and narrow fan leaves. She will form one giant principal bud and several smaller nugs all over the plant from top to bottom. She is not a bushy plant at all, letting light easily pass through to the lower buds and internodes, resulting in resinous buds all over. These buds are not as compact as with an Indica dominant strain. However, the overall yield is very impressive.

EFFECT She has a pine cone aroma and a sweet and sour, floral Haze taste. Neville's Haze has a powerful psycho-active, very spiritual, introspective, stimulating and long-lasting high.

MEDICAL Crohn's Disease, epilepsy, depression, multiple sclerosis, and other seizure-related illnesses.
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