Jack Herrer Feminized 5 seeds #DSB05007
uplifting energy
8 - 9 weeks
Female - Feminized
T.H.C Level:
15 - 20 %
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Named after the beloved pot author and activist, Jack Herrer is truly one of the top hybrids ever created. The goal was to make a 50% Haze cross that kept the properties of this top-rated sativa, while shortening the painful 6 month flowering time that a full-blooded Haze demands.

GROWING This variety's long-fingered leaves and dense, grape-cluster bud formations appear light green due to the frosty resin coating. The few hairs on the buds turn brick red as the plant matures. Jack Herrer is a bit more difficult to grow than a lot of cannabis plants, she is happier if you let it grow tall and requires plenty of patience during the flowering phase. Don't cave to the temptation to harvest too early. When allowed its full time to ripen, Jack Herrer is a tasty smoke.

EFFECT The smell and taste are a perfect blend of Haze and Skunk; fresh, peppery, piny and earthy. The hit is instant and cerebral and often quite trippy, accompanied by a deep relaxing body stone.

MEDICAL Effective in relieving anxiety, nervousness, stress and depression. It is also viewed as a motivational medicine, stimulating energy, creativity and concentration.
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