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White Widow Feminized 5 seeds
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White Widow is a highly potent Indica-Sativa hybrid. This masterpiece was created in the mid-Nineties from Afghani and Brazilian parents and went on to set the standard for the many "White" strains that were to follow. The name White Widow comes from its huge crystal production that makes it sparkle.

GROWING White Widow has an indica-dominant growth-pattern. She grows into tall cannabis plants with delicate arms. Her buds are moderately compact, so full of resin that it looked "sugar coated", even on big parts of the fan leaves. She grows quickly and doesn`t need not be high for a good yield. White Widow is best suited to indoor cannabis cultivation, but the smell is strong pungency, so it's best to consider odour-control.

EFFECT White Widow produce plants that give you the taste of freshness laced with many fruits. It has a sweet, thick, acrid smoke, with a significant sativa element in its effect; the buzz is powerful, yet energetic and very social.

MEDICAL Medicinal use for depression and as appetite enhancer.
Product features
Stoned buzz
Average Height plant
40 - 60 cm
1.31 - 1.97 foot
Average Yield m2:
300 - 400 grams/m2
0.66 - 0.88 lb/m2
7 - 8 weeks
Female - Feminized
T.H.C Level:
18 - 20 %