Privacy Policy
Dutchseedsbank is dedicated to ensuring that your privacy is protected; as such, we guarantee that we’ll only use information about you in compliance with our privacy policy.

By using or making purchases from our website: www.dutchseedsbank.com, you declare that you accept our: privacy policy, terms & conditions and legal disclaimer.
As an organisation, we fully adhere to, support and understand the Data Protection Act.
Read on for detailed information on which details we do or do not require, as well as what we will use your information for:

Your personal data

No personal data is shared with any third party organisations or institutions, except for the purposes of ensuring that your orders can be processed - or if we are required to do so by law.

Your account

A valid e-mail address is required when you register a new account with www.dutchseedsbank.com; this is for verification purposes and to ensure that personal access to a password-protected member’s area can be set up.

Personal data required to make orders with www.dutchseedsbank.com is tied to your member account.

Ordering & access

You won’t need an account with us in order to purchase goods from www.dutchseedsbank.com, however, we offer the ability to set up such an account to enhance your browsing and shopping experience.
Your payment details are not stored by us
Non-personal, anonymous data (for example, how many times a certain product is purchased or viewed) is collected for the purposes of improving our website to suit the needs of our visitors.