About us

We been breeding seeds and growing cannabis since 1990

To supply the world of cannabis marijuana lovers with the best genetics of Dutch breeders and growers, all located in and around Amsterdam. We know it's hard to find good quality seed genetics, but you have come to the right place to get our best crossings from our long term selections! A seed strain won't come on our list till it's well tested and approved by us. We keep on developing our strains, so come back to check out our newest kinds of cannabis. We say: "Good seed genetics shows"

We offer:

Fast sending if we receive a order we ship it the same day!
Quick mail response because we now it's important to keep you posted about your order's.
Easy payment system so you get your order faster and you now it's paid.
Tested quality our products are tested on germinating and results we want people to love our products so they come back to us.


The Axis Building
Kingsway North
Team Valley
NE11 0NQ
United Kingdom

For questions use our mail form

We only operate online and we do not have a physical shop address to visit. Our office address for mail payments is an office for administration work only, No stock at all is kept at our office premises.

We sells cannabis seeds purely for seed preservation purposes and as souvenirs unless you live in a country where germinating cannabis seeds and growing marijuana is legal.

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