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T.H.Seeds® was established in 1993, making it one of the oldest seed companies in Holland. It began in the C.I.A. (Cannabis In Amsterdam), which was: a Cannabis information center, a world renowned seed shop,the first hemp store in Europe and, according to Robert C. Clarke (author of: Marijuana Botany, HASHISH!), "The epicenter of the Cannabis universe." T.H.Seeds® quickly gained an excellent reputation among the experienced growers who purchased T.H.Seeds®. Year after year, these growers return to buy more T.H.Seeds®. Most comment on how pleased they are with the consistency and quality of the T.H.Seeds® genetics. This positive feedback from the growers themselves is the solid foundation on which T.H.Seeds® has been built. T.H.Seeds® is a grower oriented seed company, we seek as much feedback from growers as possible.

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Crossing our sweetest and most aromatic Indica mother plants, we have obtained a new autoflowering hybrid, with high production of resin and flavor of strawberries and red fruits. Really powerful effects. High CBD and THC levels... read more
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