It simply means that feminized marijuana seeds produce only female plants! This not only saves a potential growers time and hassle but also helps if you grow your plants in a limited space and cannot afford having dozens of plants in your grow room. From pack of 5/10 feminized cannabis seeds you will get 100% female plants, which means more buds and much more higher yields than from the same pack of regular seeds.


• Seeds make you independent of the cuttings market.
• Seeds are always healthy, cuttings/clones of mother plants 5 of the 10 not healthy (bugs,mold,rot).
• When using seeds you get no bugs, in cuttings this is often the case e.g. spins trips.
• Arranging clones every time gives stress.
• To make cuttings you need more space and room.
• Growing seeds for the flowering phase is already possible with fluorescent light.
• Plants from seed show 10x less cutting work because it is a straight top that is easy to trim.
• Feminized seeds are 100% female in the year 2015.
• You no longer have to carry big boxes with wet plant cuttings which is remarkable on the road.

Dutchseedsbank presents you the feminized seeds catalog from only the best genetics marijuana seeds specialists from Holland.
Strawberry Haze Feminized 5 seeds
Strawberry Haze is a cross between a Swiss sativa and the NL5 Haze Mist. The strain entered the market in 2006. GROWING Strawberry Haze is adapted to humid areas, and overall very versatile, strong, and easy to grow. She has short internodes and m.. read more
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OG Kush Feminized 5 seeds
The legends of legends is finally in seed form. The OG Kush, formally clone only, is now available for the masses! Although not a "Kush," OG Kush does possess some Indica (Cannabis Sativa, Supspecies Indica) traits and it is rumored that it.. read more
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