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Feeding of the cannabis plant

Your mom use to say it when you were young: you have to get good food otherwise never a big guy / girl. This is also true for marijuana plants, which should also eat well. So make sure the right nutrients for your weed plant, but do not overdo it.

Make sure you are aware of the nutritional needs of cannabis plants, so read and learn a lot. Unfortunately, many farmers give their plants too much food, and perhaps because of that one sentence that mothers there used to love so much have stamped. Especially when growers various nutrients and supplements will mix without understanding what need their plants often go wrong. It is important that you learn how you can tell by what you plant them is short or where she gets too much. Cannabis Plants tell you anything, you must learn to "listen" to them. It is most common to marijuana plants show signs of burns from too much food, the first sign is often yellowed sheet dots.

The real food for cannabis plants is actually not a fertilizer, but light. You weed plant converts light into energy through photosynthesis, which is the fuel for growth and flowering. So what do than fertilizer? Well, you plant fertilizers needed for photosynthesis and growth, see it as vitamins for marijuana plants. We have vitamins necessary for many processes in our body, but if we take too much we can get ill.

Many growers try their plants to give as much fertilizer as they can handle, but you get better results if you try to simply avoid your weed plant gets too much or too little fertilizer. As long as the leaves of your plant are nice and solid green and show no spots or discolored points you're good and you will not be hungry cannabis plant.

Try to just give half the power as indicating the nutritional plan of your diet. If you see a sign that your plant enough food gets you increase the amount of food a bit. Usually you see this on yellowed leaves at the bottom of your plant (at the end of the flowering stage, when the plant is almost finished, but it is normal yellowing leaves). It's also a good idea to purchase an EC meter,so you can easily prevent you feed them too much.

Succes growing :)