BETA participation program
What is BETA testing?

All new features on web-sites, programs and more require testing in the real world. It is the only way to ensure any mistakes / bugs are found and fixed before going live to the public. For this reason we have decided to open up testing to our customers in exchange for loyalty points added to your account after BETA testing period has finished on the current development.

What do I do?

If you haven't already logged in or registered then please do so now. Below you will find an application form to request to be part of the BETA program, it is that simple. You can choose if you would also like to BETA test other developments on our network sites in the future or simply uncheck the option to only participate in dutchseedsbank.com testing.

Those who register will be notified via email when a new project requires testing. You will receive a link you must click / follow in order to enrol in the current project testing group. Not registering via the link but going direct to the project area will result in no loyalty points being added to your account (we must know who is testing!). Instructions on what we require testing will included within the email itself and will vary based on the project.

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