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The more light you give a marijuana plant inside, the more they will yield. When you add CO2 to your grow room can plant even more light, and more yield.

Give your marijuana plants after germination sufficient light, otherwise they stretch too much

If your weed plants always assist healthy, but do not produce enough, you can gain the most profit by increasing the light intensity. The most important thing to do right after the germination of weed seeds is make sure your marijuana plants get enough light. A plant that gets too little light in the growth phase, will extend. There is plenty of space between the nodes (where the branches start) and your plant is a long lanky. It takes such a plant a lot of energy to maintain the sap flow, all substances must indeed have a long way to the top.

In addition, it is difficult to provide a long enough plant inside of light, the light reaches the lower branches more difficult than with a very compact plant. Most hobby breeders will increase their revenue can most simply by providing more light. If your weed plants in the flowering state, it helps to ensure that more light can shine on the tops. They will be larger and heavier.

The further the lamp of the plant depends on, the less intense the light will be. Because it is difficult to give all the tops enough light when plants have unequal heights, it is important to ensure that your marijuana plants grow uniformly and evenly from its height. Good stable genetics is again important, but with cultivation techniques as scroggen, tops, even thieves and supercroppen you can ensure that you can expose the plant efficiently. It is important that you apply these techniques in the growing stage, as the blooms once in motion is you're too late.

Okay, fertilizers can therefore be seen as vitamins, and light as food. Extra CO2 can be seen in this way as a stomach magnification. It ensures that your weed plant more light (power) can have. You can also plant with CO2 at a higher temperature. If you have less light than hang a 400 watt HPS lamp, such as fluorescent lighting, then it is unlikely that the light intensity is so high that your cannabis plant is limited by the amount of CO2 in the air. You therefore do not try to add CO2, a waste of money. As long as you take care of fresh air supply, your cannabis plant enough CO2. But if you plant to its maximum brightness is, CO2 can ensure that they can convert more light into energy and thicker tops. But remember that a lot of light is needed to the extent that you weed plant too much CO2 can extract from the air.

Happy growing :)