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* Feminized seeds

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* Feminized seeds


It simply means that feminized marijuana seeds produce only female plants! This not only saves a potential grower’s time and a hassle but also helps if you grow you plants in the limited space and can’t afford of having dozens of plants in your grow room. From pack of 5/10feminized cannabis seeds you will theoretically get 5/10 female plants, which means more buds and much more higher yields than from the same pack of regular seeds. The process of feminization of seeds is a complicated one and require a great amount of knowledge and experience from the grower. Obviously the most experienced in this field are professional marijuana breeders that experimented with female seeds over the years and finally introduced them into the market. Currently most of the reputed marijuana seeds bank offer their own feminized marijuana seeds collections. Long breeding experience and the highest standards of these seedbanks guarantee that their female seeds will grow 100% into healthy female plants with THC rich and big buds. Dutchseedsbank presents you the feminized seeds catalog from only the best genetics marijuana seeds specialists from Holland. Although prices for feminized seeds are higher than for a pack regular seeds – you get what you pay for. Best genetics marijuana feminized seeds (female seeds) that will produce only female plants, high yields and the best smoke from your favorite marijuana strain.


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